Insider’s Top Ten Features of Cydec Shopping Cart Software

Cydec Marketing Software

I’ve been using Cydec for over 5 years and there are some excellent features about it that, if you are considering an easy-to-use and internet marketing friendly shopping cart and marketing system, you should look at Cydec.  If you need help setting it up, let us know!

  • Best integration with Wishlist Member.  I’ve done integrations with 1 Shopping Cart, InfusionSoft, Premium Web Cart and others, and Cydec is the best shopping cart software for integrating with Wishlist Member.  For the other softwares I either had to buy additional plugins, configure (sometimes with no luck) cron jobs and create work-arounds just to get Wishlist Member and the shopping cart to play together.  Cydec is incredibly simple: just set up your Membership Settings with the details provided in your Wishlist Member installation and you are set.  It will create new users and send the login details to your new customers automatically.
  • Upsell sequencing with solid logic rules.  The upsell sequencing in Cydec is a great feature for providing customers with additional special purchase options after their initial order.  If they say No to a deal, you can send them in one direction.  If they say Yes, you can send them in another.  It’s very easy to set up the upsell pages and rules and the final receipt page is flexible and configurable, dynamically inserting everything they’ve purchased into one summary.
  • Easy product configuration.  Product set-up is so simple, all other shopping carts should take note.  Enter the price and list management settings and you’re basically done.  There are a couple optional settings like affiliate and membership settings that can enhance how you market and distribute the product and those settings are simple to configure as well.
  • Custom order pages.  Custom order pages make it easy to create high-converting order forms with custom CSS/HTML integration. including adding video.  You can also add multiple products to an order with both required and optional selection values.  This is great if you want to add someone to the same Wishlist Member installation under 2 different levels or deliver a downloadable product for one product and provide access to a membership site for the other.  Or, you want to sell a packaged good product and give them an optional choice to join a monthly subscription.
  • Solid affiliate management tools.  Just some of the benefits of Cydec’s affiliate management tool includes: overriding program settings on the individual affiliate profile to give your top affiliates some added incentive, send internal broadcasts to announce new campaigns and existing performance, by product leaderboard and other reporting, plus other valuable features.
  • Tracking links for campaign performance.  You can create custom campaign groups and configure tracking links to give you added stats and reporting on each segment.  Say you were testing 3 different banner types in a banner advertising campaign.  Create a custom group for “Banner Ad Campaign X”, assign a unique tracking link for each banner and use the custom url generated to link the banner ad to the landing page you are advertising for. Reporting includes clicks, action rate, subscribe count, initial sale generated and recurring revenue over time.
  • Continuous improvement.  I know one of the investors to Cydec and he has done a ton to help advance this system to make it be easy to use and powerful.
  • Test Mode.  Being able to quickly flip it into Test Mode and back in 90 seconds to test an order form/upsell sequence has been so oftenly used by me that it’s one of the first things I recommend anyone learn about using Cydec.  Testing order forms prior to product launches is essential to your success – Cydec does it so well.
  • Integration script.  This allows links you send out from Cydec to be customized with your domain instead of  Cydec’s.  This makes your link more trustworthy.
  • No bloat.  Cydec gives you the tools you need to succeed and doesn’t bloat the software with “features” that are rarely used.  Usually you can navigate through everything you need to “start-to-finish” set up and selling of products in 30 minutes or less.


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